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Shell Turbo T 46 Oil
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Shell Turbo T Oil and Lubricants 46

 Shell Turbo Oil T has long been considered the standard turbine oil industry. Building upon this reputation, Shell Turbo Oil T has been developed to offer Improved performance able to meet the most modern demands
turbine steam and light duty gas turbine systems, which require no enhanced anti-wear performance for the gearbox.
Shell Turbo Oil T is formulated from high quality hydrotreated base materials and a combination of zinc-free additives that provide excellent oxidative stability, rust & corrosion protection, low foaming and excellent demulsibility.

Performance, Features & Benefits
Strong Control of Oxidation The use of stable oxidative inherent base oil together with an effective inhibitory package provides a high resistance to oxidative degradation. The result is extended oil life, minimizing the formation of aggressive corrosive acid, deposits and sludge, reducing operating costs.
High Resistance to Foam and Rapid Water Release Oil is formulated with non-silicon anti-foam additives, which generally control the formation of foams. This feature coupled with quick air-release from lubricants reduces the possibility of problems such as pump cavitation, excessive wear and early oil oxidation, giving you increased system reliability.
· Positive Air-shedding properties Strong demulsibility control so that excess water, common-place in steam turbine, can be dried easily from
lubrication system, minimizing corrosion and premature wear. Reduce the risk of unplanned care.
· Excellent Rust & Corrosion Protection Prevents the formation of rust and guards against the emergence of corrosion ensuring protection for equipment following moisture or water exposure during operation and during shut-downs, minimizing maintenance.
· Resistant to reaction with ammonia Very fine use of base oil and certain additives, resistant to ammonia attack, minimize the possibility of soluble / insoluble ammonia oil compounds formed in lubricants. Shell Turbo Oil T relieves the formation of this deposit, which can damage reliably
bearing operation and oil seal system.

The main app
Shell Turbo Oil T is available in ISO values ​​of 32, 46, 68 & 100 suitable for applications in the following areas:
industrial steam turbine & light duty gas turbine that does not require improved anti-wear performance for turbine lubrication gearbox

application compressor
Various applications where strong control over rust and oxidation are required
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