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Oil And Lubricants PETRO TRANS HD 50
Petro Trans HD 50 Oil Specification
Oil Sell Diesel Petro Trans HD Machine
Oil for High Performance Diesel Engines
Petro Trans HD Oil Is a high performance diesel engine lubricant that has been designed for use in diesel engines equipped with a supercharger and turbocharger. Suitable for various types of high speed diesel that are plugged into heavy duty equipment and commercial vehicles. It has been specially formulated to meet the needs and market demands of high performance diesel engine lubricants. Equipped with high quality additives such as detergent-dipersant, anti-foam and anti-wear and meet the high standards of US diesel engines CF CF API.
Petro Trans HD oil applications are commonly used for industrial high-performance diesel engines. It is recommended for diesel engines as well as other heavy duty machines requiring CF CF API lubricants. Vehicle diesel engine Has been formulated for lubrication in low-sulfur fuel-burning combustion units with Remote Operation and Can also be used on long haul vehicles or vehicles of similar constant speed.
Diesel Engine Oil Performance Features Extraordinary resistance to oxidation and temperature reduction ensures long lubricant lifespan and reduces the possibility of formation of deposits by depositing deposits on machines with advanced detergent additive systems to reduce the formation of deposits on pistons and maintaining engine cleanliness. High TBN to provide protection against engine during oil draining. Extra protection on machine Equipped with extra corrosion and wear protection.
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